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Aircast Pediatric Walker Brace Ankle/Leg/Foot  #O1P-P

Aircast Pediatric Walker Brace Ankle/Leg/Foot #O1P-P

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Aircast Pneumatic Walker - Pediatric (Men shoe size: Up to 4, Women shoe size: Up to 5), Brace Height: 12.25", Max Foot Width at toes: 4.0", Max Calf Circumference: 14" - A low rocker sole for enhanced comfort and natural ambulation. A wide foot base offers ample room for dressing. Ergonomic design to promote greater compliance. Exclusive overlapping foam-filled aircells offer superior edema reduction. Semi-rigid shells and adjustable aircells for secure support and protection. Indications: Stable fracture or foot and/or ankle, Severe ankle sprain, post-operative use...  Unisex.

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