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Cardinal Health AT74531 Secure-Gard Splash Resistant Procedure Mask

Cardinal Health AT74531 Secure-Gard Splash Resistant Procedure Mask

  • $ 895

Cardinal Health AT74531 Secure-Gard Multi-color Splash Resistant Facial Protection Procedure Mask with Fog-Free Foam

Secure-Gard masks are designed to complement the exceptional needs of the health-care worker. Each mask is constructed with light and cool proprietary materials that achieve superior 160 mm Hg fluid resistance and filtration, while providing a cool, comfortable fit. To help ensure full protection for a healthcare facility, all Secure-Gard masks are easy to identify by their distinctive Mediterranean Blue outer-facing. This helps eliminate the risk of choosing a mask without maximum fluid splash-resistance, which would create a potential of exposure to harmful fluids. Secure-Gard masks pass ASTM Standards for synthetic blood penetration (ASTM F1862) at 160 mm Hg and provide higher than 99% filtration for both bacteria (3.0 microns) and particulate matter (0.1 microns). Secure-Gard masks are compliant with ASTM F2100 Mask Standards for Level 3, or maximum barrier protection. Secure-Gard masks are also available with an attached eye-shield, sensitive anti-fog technology, or eye-shields with an anti-glare emollient coating for greater visibility. Secure-Gard masks are also available in both procedure and surgical styles.

Price is for a box of 50


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