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Chattanooga's Sully® Hip S'port

  • $ 18302

Chattanooga's Sully® Hip S'port features hook sensitive plush material which allows attachment of elastic straps in almost any position. These straps may be attached at any point, in any direction and with any amount of applied force; this allows the user to functionally stabilize, assist or restrict movement as they see fit.



On the inside, comfortable nylon-lined neoprene supports any movement made by the athlete. The Hip S'port is simple to apply and requires no assistance of any kind. The apparatus is comprised of two 5" x 44" straps and a protective, closed-cell foam pad for use with hip pointers or thigh bruises.


  • Easy to apply, no assistance required
  • Limitless adjustment options
  • Comfortable, nylon-lined neoprene supports any type of movement

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