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DMI Dry and Moist Heat 24x11Electric Heating Pad

  • $ 1195

DMI Dry and Moist Heat Large 24.5" x 11" Electric Heating Pad with 9ft Cord.  

  • Features auto-off for safe and secure use while sleeping, working or watching TV. The automatic shutoff timer turns the digital heating pad off after two hours of use
  • Large 24.5" x 11" pad contours to every body part with a stream of heat and a soft flexible plush cover for pain relief on the knees, shins, hips, shoulders, muscles, pregnancy pain and period cramps
  • Foam insert moisture sheet for moist heat is effective in providing deeper penetration of the tissue. Moist heat has the ability to change the tissue temperature rapidly and obtain a quicker result in healing and recovery
  • Four heat settings to find relief from pain and tension whether in the back, hips, legs, muscle cramps, period cramps or neck and shoulder tension with high, medium, low and warm settings
  • Extra long tangle-free cord that reaches up to 9 feet for comfortable use in any resting position
  • One 24.5in x 11.5in pad with removable, machine washable cover
  • Slight abrasion to 1 bottom corner of box during shipping - unit is fine


           Model # 1934                       This item has been discounted for "Clearance".

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