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Eakin Cohesive StomaWrap

Eakin Cohesive StomaWrap

  • $ 5995

Convatec Brand Eakin Cohesive Ostomy Seal (Mfg. # 839006) is available as a donut-shaped ostomy accessory that can be molded to a variety of shapes to help prevent leakage around the stoma by acting as filler for uneven skin surfaces.
It acts as a gasket or barrier and provides enhanced protection for hard to fit stomas.
The unique moldable hydrocolloid barrier forms a gel that helps prevent skin damage by sealing the area between the skin and ostomy appliance.
No shaping or molding just wraps it around stoma.

  • Completely Latex-free.
  • It can be broken and rejoined if desired.
  • Absorbs moisture and keeps it away from the skin.
  • Reduces enzyme activity, stopping them from breaking down the skin.
  • For mild skin irritation, everyday skin protection and security.
  • Unique ‘wrap’ shape makes it extremely quick and easy-to-fit -- simply wrap and overlap.
  • For those with limited dexterity due to ease of application.
  • Inner hole: 50mm.
  • Maintains a natural pH and blocks biological and chemical irritants from coming into contact with the skin.
  • 3mm Thick, 85mm OD
  • Box of 10

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