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Gopher II Deluxe - Reacher/Grabber

Gopher II Deluxe - Reacher/Grabber

  • $ 1099

Gopher II Deluxe Pick Up & Reaching Tool As Seen on TV.

  • Grab and Reach Tool: This simple, easy-to-use grabber tool features an extendable, rotating arm that enables users to reach hard-to-get items without bending, climbing, or straining.
  • Easy Storage: The lightweight Gopher 2 folds in half for easy storage when not in use; Extend your reach by almost 3 feet and use it to safely grab items up high or pick up items down low.
  • Easy to Use: Avoid painful or dangerous reaching situations with this lightweight, durable gripper, which features suction-cupped "fingers" that grab securely and a rotating arm that adjusts for tight spaces.
  • Ergonomic Design: Perfect for use around the home and yard, the Deluxe Gopher 2 has a comfortable handle with large trigger that activates two suction-cupped gripping "fingers" when squeezed

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