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Standard Disposable Transfer Pipettes 7.7ml

Standard Disposable Transfer Pipettes 7.7ml

  • $ 3299

Fisherbrand™ Standard Disposable Transfer Pipettes, Nongraduated; Length: 5.875 in.; Capacity: 7.7mL. Single squeeze draws up to 3.2mL. Unbreakable all-in-one pipettes eliminate the hazards of broken glass and exposure to infectious materials.

  • Put an end to matching rubber bulb with glass pipette. Since entire unit is disposable, these pipettes prevent cross-contamination to samples and reduce airborne contamination to personnel
  • One-piece design molded from see-through, low-density polyethylene
  • Inert to biological fluids and most acids
  • Work well in hematology, urinalysis, chemistry, blood banking — anywhere there is a need for quick, safe transfer of fluids
  • In four ready-to-use styles
  • One squeeze draws from 2.0 to 3.3mL (depending on style used)
  • All deliver repeatable drop sizes
  • Can be sealed and refrigerated for sample storage (seal with Cat. No. 02-678 Hemato-Seal™ Tube Sealant)


Mfg. #: 137117M - Available by the Box of 500 or Case of 5000

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