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Wallach Endocell Disposable Endometrial Cell Sampler

Wallach Endocell Disposable Endometrial Cell Sampler

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Wallach Endocell Disposable Endometrial Cell Sampler. Offers simplicity, safety and economy to the screening process for endometrial carcinoma and precancerous conditions. Using manual suction, it extracts a histological sample from the uterine mucosal lining in seconds. It is also an excellent monitor for the effects of hormonal therapy and a valuable diagnostic tool for fertility problems and uterine pathogens. It can be utilized for endometrial biopsy, suction type and menstrual extraction. Moldability permits easy insertion into a markedly anteverted or retroverted uterus. Simple, non-traumatic procedure. Less discomfort, bleeding, tissue abrasion than D & C method. Excellent suction provided by elastomeric seal piston plunger. No cervical dilation necessary in most cases. Numbered sounding marks for safety, precision. Each sample is sterilized and individually packaged for convenience. 3.1mm outside diameter.  Ships in 1 to 3 days.

Mfg. # 908015    -  Available by the Box of 210

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